Welcome to Jamie’s on the Web!

Welcome to Jamie’s on the Web!

Although it’s long overdo we are proud to introduce our new information site.

The purpose of this website is to share what I have learned in many years of keeping, rearing, breeding and just plain geeking out over tarantulas. We will focus on a variety of topics including tarantula basics such as IS A TARANTULA RIGHT FOR ME?, HANDLING, HOW TO MEASURE, HOW TO DETERMINE GENDER as well as FEEDING & WATERING, CARE & MAINTENANCE, ENCLOSURE ASSEMBLY, HOW TO ORDER A TARANTULA ONLINE, SAFE UNPACKING & REHOUSING, CREATING & MAINTAINING A FEEDER COLONY and more!

I will focus on creating the majority of the articles and videos for beginning and intermediate keepers however, I will also include content for those interested in more advanced, specific or unusual tarantula topics such such as INDIVIDUAL SPECIES CARE SHEETS, COMMUNALS, LIVE PLANTED ENCLOSURES, HOW TO SHIP A TARANTULA, WOES OF A RUNNING TARANTULA BUSINESS, BREEDING, INCUBATING & REARING YOUNG SLINGS, etc.

Some of the articles might be recognizable as updates brought over from my old blog, some will be information not obvious to some on our store website although the vast majority of what’s going to be included here will be new content for 2020.

If everyone is interested I might include informative posts on other topics as SQUARE FOOT GARDENING, POULTRY KEEPING, PERMACULTURE, AQUAPONICS, HORSEMANSHIP & more!

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